16 March 2014

Google Hummingbird

The hummingbird is a new approach being devised by Google to search and sort through the information contained in web pages and the context of queries to result in the best answers. In fact, this is in addition to PageRank an often embedded algorithm. What the name essentially implies is precise and fast. Search momentum is towards more conversational approaches leaning towards question/answering that provides better results based on intent and context. The enhancement allows a way to connect a user's queries in context for smarter search results. A funneled approach to the search would imply that it takes the first step of browsing behavior, next the shortlisting of result sets, and perhaps even the condensation of buying as a form of intent. At top is almost the mirror of browsing for information. At the layer down implies that one is at an exploring stage for options, and the below stage implies the intentions of buying. Perhaps, this actionable intent provides for smarter content generation to publishers and better contextual marketing which implies better visibility, more valid answers to questions, and increase in contextual value to content. At least, theoretically speaking, as the approach to the new search algorithm is yet still relatively new.