16 March 2014


A pretty dull movie with a lot of excessive facial drama rather than any immersive action. It was not exactly non-stop but every 20 minutes of drama. It felt almost being stuck watching a fear mongering movie that attached an immense amount of typical stereotypes. Plus, there seems to be more marketing involved here and less of quality entertainment. Also, it seems like it was heavily sponsored by a mobile manufacturer as the scenes pretty much depicted every few minutes an interaction with a mobile phone. The movie almost dabbles with snakes on a plane and yet spirals with one dubious character after another. However, it does prove that racial profiling is typical and almost always incorrect in most situations. Liam Neeson at times shows that he can still take the 'Taken' character and play it out in multiple different scenarios with a bit of gusto. Perhaps, this is what makes the movie seem at times workable if not totally pointless.