23 March 2014

Social Parenting And Linked Data

Social media is a hot spot for all age groups. However, at times, parents have no clue about what their children are getting up to online and whether it is age appropriate. There are efforts to incorporate more age controls from internet service providers, but this does not restrict the varying terms and rules of service that each web application holds. There also needs to be more done to circumvent peer-pressure driven suicides that result from social media outlets which in reality could be prevented by the level of insecurities they extrapolate on to an individual. This may further be expounded as a form of social bullying. However, this naturally falls on the responsibility of a parent to be aware of what their children are up to at least with the sense to protect them within the respects of privacy. Linked data in some ways also holds the key towards making social web more accessible for controls on the internet which makes it a safer place away from predatory afflictions. It seems that people over decades have become more susceptible to influences and outside forces to effect their personal space of existence in the world and cloud their judgement. In some ways, by allowing more connected data we may be able to make accessible the controls necessary to elaborate on content restrictions. Although, internet is an open network providing much individual freedoms there is still an element of netiquette and responsibility to be maintained. Parents often need help from the technology providers to assist them in being responsible. But, at same time what underage children do is really the responsibility of a parent.