24 March 2014

Smart Utility Services

Utility services are getting more and more expensive across every household. Energy in all its forms as a consumable is becoming more and more expensive. Unfortunately, as technology driven products and services become all the more a necessity the need for utilities is also becoming more and more an important dependency for all. Winters are growing colder while Summers are getting hotter. It seems only natural that something must be done about the way utility services are consumed and how they are conserved. Building more intelligent meters would be useful. Also, the idea of being able to conserve around the house when such utilities are not being used would be an adequate functionality to have on electrics. They do exist on most standard PCs nowadays but not on most electrical items. Robotics could also come in handy around the house for utility consumption as well as in creating options for better fuel and energy sources that can be better renewed in turn saving many in the huge costs to a supplier. Often the expense passed to a consumer is down to the supplier being greedy and stock piling in order to inflate price which has a result on the way they may be traded on the financial markets. There has to be better alternatives possible that can leverage cost savings across the board. These can come from more hybrid approaches from semantic models across cities and using artificial intelligence techniques to harness better alternative fuel sources that can drive more efficiency as well as meet the practical demands.